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Connecting IP telephony: so simple



 IP-telephony allows you to make and receive calls anywhere in Country and the world.



Calling with VoIP?


It has been already known a long time that you can make calls from PC to PC for free, but that’s not everything what is possible with VoIP.


There are four types of communication, using the internet:


  • Phone to phone;
  • PC to phone;
  • Phone to PC;
  • VoIP PBX to phone



Making calls over the internet is much cheaper, as well as on the landline as on the mobile phone (the price depends on your chosen tariff).


One of the many advantages of internet telephony is the fact that you do not have to have any special equipment. What is already present in every telephone, headphones with a microphone are completely sufficient.



Also, free phone calls are not a dream, which is quite possible with VoIP. Subscriber who use our services can make free phone calls.