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Always keep in touch and make phone calls worldwide with the device of your choice. IP telephony allows you to make and receive calls regardless of the country you are in.



IP telephony — a technology that allows you to make domestic and international calls while using Internet or any other IP network, as well as sending faxes.


Also one of the achievements of IP telephony — it is a great reduction of the cost of telephone calls at home and abroad due to the fact that the voice signal is transported digitally over the Internet between the call partners instead of over the telephone networks.


A further plus in IP telephony is the efficient transmission of the call from PC to PC, PC to telephone (analog, digital, IP telephone or mobile phone) and telephone to telephone.
The quality of the transmission depends on the respective VoIP provider as well as the structure of the networks.



Advantages of IP telephony?

-Digital connection at high speed;

-Financial savings;

-Use of multi-line phones;

-Call divert;

-Voice greeting and many other useful features.


With a successful business and the desire to expand your target group, you are expanding on the European market and need a trouble-free and cost-effective communication with your partners. VoIP telephony is best suited to all these requirements.