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VoIP for business — this is a great opportunity for your company to realize the establishment of an efficient communication system with a variety of voice services:

— Easier and more cost-effective implementation;

— Free telecommunications within the company;

— The possibility to integrate voice services into the business processes and applications;

— Advanced ways to record calls and statistics.


The company UNINTEL is one of the leading providers in the group of telephony. The focus is on providing a platform for the purchase, sale and exchange of the data volume in VoIP.


We offer quality and are convinced of our capabilities because:


  • almost twenty years successful in our business;
  • our customers are well-known companies;
  • our customer database covers more than a hundred thousand customers;
  • Own hardware allows trouble-free operation.



But the most important advantages are the price and service.

On the market our prices are the cheapest and the service convinces by quality.


Since UNINTEL cares about customers view, we take your wishes into consideration and that’s how the user client has been developed. The software has been professionally tested and meets the high requirements of our customers.

The quality is controlled by professionals and technical support is available around the clock for you. All employees have enormous professional experience in their respective areas of responsibility and are certified.


Our achievements:

8,702- signed contracts

96%- satisfied customer

51- competent employees

$784,980- monthly turnover