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The latest technology in VoIP communication allows you to reach every person worldwide, regardless of your Internet quality.

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The latest technology in VoIP communication allows you to reach every person worldwide, regardless of your Internet quality.

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Always keep in touch and make phone calls worldwide with the device of your choice. IP telephony allows you to make and receive calls regardless of the country you are in.

IP telephony — a technology that allows you to make domestic and international calls while using Internet or any other IP network, as well as sending faxes.


Best decision for your business

VoIP is the most effective way for your company to set up a telecommunication system efficiently and professionally. This is due to the simple and cheap use, since VoIP builds on the basis of the existing intranet.

-Easier and more cost-effective implementation;
-Free telecommunications within the company;
-The possibility to integrate voice services into the business processes and applications;
-Advanced ways to record calls and statistics.


Full phone for home

IP telephony differs technically hardly, you continue calling as usual. Whether you are calling to another city or abroad, you only have a better, cheaper rate.

-The possibility to stay in touch with friends, relatives and business partners worldwide;
-Free phone calls to most popular destinations;
-Cheap prices with high quality;
-Uncomplicated use of the software;
-24 hour support;
-UNINTEL network is protected several times against overload;
-100% privacy for your calls;


VoIP — cheap calls worldwide!

Modern communication via the Internet is nowadays indispensable in every living situation. We all use the quick access to the Internet for work, information of any kind, to learn, to spare time or simply to chat with friends. Internet is control, connection, comfort and profit. So why would you use old technology to stay in contact with friends and family or with colleagues? We have the innovative, convenient and secure solution — IP telephony from UNINTEL for connection at home and abroad!

Find out more and discover that our company is able to offer each customer an individual, customized bonus!

Advantages of IP telephony

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows an acoustic signal to be transmitted digitally over the Internet. The signal, which is received by the microphone of your PC, smartphone or telephone, is digitally converted and transmitted immediately to the call partner via the Internet. The signal is not distorted or delayed, the quality is therefore usually better than with landline or mobile communications.

Why the international communications company UNINTEL?


Reliable connection — Our mission, our pride!

Telephony by UNINTEL — one of the best offers on the communications market. Our expertise is convincing:

— Almost 20 years successful provider of IP telephony

— Over 10.000 satisfied customers

— We do not use rented hardware
We only use safe and reliable software. The client for users was specially designed and improved according to the wishes and needs of UNINTEL customers.

Our employees are on duty 24 hours a day, every single one is certified and has many years of experience in his service area.

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We have been in business since 1999 and know exactly what our customers want
Our team is available 24 hours a day, your request is never ignored
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By using our own hardware we are protected against interference
The cheapest prices in the VoIP branch
We provide top quality telecommunications in every country in the world

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If you choose this tariff you can make calls to Kazakhstan, in particular the following cities: • Aktau • Aktobe • Alma-Ata • Astana • Atyrau • Jezgazgan • Karaganda • Kokshetau • Kostanay • Kyzylorda • Pavlodar • Petropavlovsk…

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«Your country»

UNINTEL offers services of the modern VoIP technology, communication which allows you to make cheap calls at the highest quality worldwide. If you choose this tariff you can make cheap calls in the

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«World with no limits»

Modern people can not imagine a life without being on call. However, even if you are separated by a country, you can nevertheless be reachable continuously, essential you choose the right tariff.

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Bonus when charging

A pleasant gift from UNINTEL — Bonus package with anytime minutes. When charging 10 $ you will receive an additional of 180 minutes for the next 90 days. You can call for free in the most requested countries! (These can be found in the price list)

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8702- signed contracts
96%- satisfied customers
51- competent employees
$784980- monthly turnover

Customers response

Have two numbers ordered for commercials on our homepage. The desired number was twice as many calls as the standard number. Need still to wath further statistics, but seems to be so.

Dimitri, reseller at UNINTEL for 3 years

For a long time I wondered whether I should change or not. You would have to buy a gateway, set and manage PBX. All I actually wanted is to catch up without additional costs … then I found «UNINTEL»  and simply switched. Enough channels, connection is good, everything works.

Andrey, reseller at UNINTEL for 2 years

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